Terms & Conditions

  1. All shipments need to be added in the computer system by the sender/vendor along with the printed shipment label [if possible].
  2. Shipments must atleast carry an identifiable label which should clearly mention receiver's full name, full address and contact number.
  3. Shipments shall only be process after the successful entry of the shipments in the computer system.
  4. The sender/vendor must declare the items included in the shipment and should not transport any of the items deemed illegal by the country's law. Nepacart logistics Pvt. Ltd. holds no responsibility for the goods included and is the sole liability of the consigner/sender.
  5. Nepacart Logistics Pvt. Ltd. has the right to reject any of the shipment from delivering even after receiving the shipment. However, no charges will be applied to such shipments.
  6. Once the shipments are confirmed and received at Nepacart, a fixed charge will be applicable on cancellation of the shipment for whatsoever reason. Fixed charge may varry for different locations.
  7. Shipment weight shall be computed based on actual or volumetric weight which ever is higher.
  8. Additional charges will be levied on the shipments above standard 1 kg package. However, only 0.5 times the standard charge would be added for every increased weight.
  9. For delicate items, shipment should be marked with “FRAGILE” sticker and proper packaging should be done for the safety. Nepacart Logistics bears no liability on the damage of the shipments not marked as fragile and poorly packaged items. Only handling damages are insured at Nepacart.
  10. Fragile items are charged 1.5 times the standard rates.
  11. Exchanges are done at vendors request and needs to be properly marked as exchange at the time of shipment entry.
  12. Exchanges are treated as a two way delivery from vendors to customers and again from customers to vendors. However, only 1.5 times the standard charges are applicable in the exchange of the shipment.
  13. Any special packages, which cannot be consolidated during delivery may apply higher charges depending upon the nature & size of the shipment not exceeding Rs 300/- inside Kathmandu Valley.